How to integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your Corona project

Supports iOS, Android


iOS Simulator can neither subscribe to nor receive push notifications. Android Emulator works fine though.

Download Sample

To integrate Pushwoosh into your Corona app, follow these steps:

1. Configure Firebase push notifications

All new apps must use FCM push notifications. Enable FCM push notifications by following the Corona guideline.

2. Download Pushwoosh module from our Git repository

3. Add push notification handling code to your main.lua file:

local pushwoosh = require( "pushwoosh" )
local function onNotification( event )
native.showAlert( "remote notification", json.encode( ), { "OK" } )
local function onRegistrationSuccess( event )
print( "Registered on Pushwoosh" )
local function onRegistrationFail( event )
native.showAlert( "Notification Registration Failed", "An Error Contacting the Server has Occurred. Please try again later from the application settings.", { "OK" } )
Runtime:addEventListener( "pushwoosh-notification", onNotification )
Runtime:addEventListener( "pushwoosh-registration-success", onRegistrationSuccess )
Runtime:addEventListener( "pushwoosh-registration-fail", onRegistrationFail )
local launchArgs = ...
pushwoosh.registerForPushNotifications( "PUSHWOOSH_APPLICATION_ID", launchArgs ) -- specify your application Id

Replace "PUSHWOOSH_APPLICATION_ID" with your real Pushwoosh Application ID.

Easy, isn’t it?