Create a Customer Journey for your project

Creating tailored Customer Journeys: Build from scratch or use pre-made templates

Pushwoosh empowers you to create personalized customer journeys that fit your specific scenarios. You have two options to get started:

1. Build a customer journey from scratch

Take full control of your journey design, crafting multichannel experiences that seamlessly guide users through different stages of the life cycle.

With this option, you can:

  • Design multichannel journeys.

  • Test and refine your campaigns for optimal results.

  • Launch campaigns across push notifications, email, in-app messages, and more.

Before you begin, learn how to use Journey Elements to ensure a smooth creation process.

2. Use pre-built customer journey templates

Save time by leveraging pre-made templates for common communication needs like sending a single message via:

  • Push notifications

  • Email

  • In-app messaging

Need help?

If you're new to journey creation and need assistance, simply click on Need assistance? A quick form will pop up for you to schedule a demo and get expert guidance from Pushwoosh.

Build a customer journey with ready-made journey templates

Push notification

Pushwoosh offers three pre-made journey templates to simplify creating push notification campaigns:

  • One-time push campaign template is ideal for sending a single message at a specific time, often used for broad announcements or special offers. Learn more

  • Recurring campaign template allows you to set up scheduled messages that will recur over a period. Perfect for ongoing engagement, reminders, or updates. Learn more

  • Triggered campaign template allows sending messages in response to specific user behaviors. This flow is designed to increase relevance and engagement by providing personalized communication based on user activity or milestones. Learn more

Click on the template you need, and you'll be redirected to the Customer Journey canvas. There, you'll find a pre-built journey ready for configuration. Simply follow the prompts above each element to set up your journey. Learn more about how to set up push notification campaigns


Pushwoosh provides three pre-built email journey templates:

  • One-time email campaign template allows sending a one-off targeted message at a specific time. Ideal for announcements, special offers, or welcome emails.

  • Recurring campaign template allows scheduling regular messages for ongoing engagement. Perfect for newsletters, updates, or loyalty program reminders.

  • Triggered сampaign template allows sending emails in response to user behavior. Such campaigns can be used for abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase follow-ups, or birthday greetings.

Learn more about sending and setting up email campaigns

In-app message

Pushwoosh simplifies in-app communication with a pre-built template for trigger-based in-app campaigns. This allows you to:

  • Deliver targeted messages at precise moments and reach users within your app based on specific actions or behaviors, maximizing relevance and impact.

  • Captivate users with timely in-app messages that nudge them towards desired actions.

For a comprehensive guide on creating and managing in-app campaigns within Pushwoosh, read this guide.

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