Chrome Web Pushes

How to set up Chrome web push notifications


Chrome Web Push Notifications are perfect for reaching your website audience on both desktop and Android devices. With more than 50% market share in desktop and mobile web browsers, Chrome is an unrivaled launchpad for engaging and running efficient brand campaigns.

Moreover, Rich Notifications support makes Chrome the most attractive marketing platform for launching extremely effective campaigns using visual communication and interaction-based push notifications. With the large image and custom buttons support it brings web user experience to the whole new level.

Mobile user experience is no different from native Android push notifications and is run by the very same code. Users are asked to opt-in once on your website – and then receive regular push notifications that direct them to your site in Chrome.

Chrome Rich Notifications

Chrome Rich Pushes include two great features - large image support and custom buttons. Let's explore what you can achieve with them!

Increase Web Push CTR

Adding a visual communication channel along with the text allows you to get more attention from your users and therefore, boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Visual communication is easy to understand and easy to use. Just one simple step - add the image URL when you create a campaign and get the substantial CTR growth.

Increase conversion rate

Conversion is another part of a successful marketing campaign, and with the custom buttons support you can increase it greatly. Using custom buttons with URLs to add call2action will allow you to extend the limits of what you can achieve with web pushes. Direct your users to whatever pages you want - from shopping carts to hidden pages with special offers.

Our Web SDK 3.0 supports it out-of-the-box so that you can start benefit from it right away, the integration process is super easy!

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