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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Pushwoosh statistics

Below are the answers to commonly asked questions about Pushwoosh statistics.

What statistics does Pushwoosh collect?

Pushwoosh collects and stores statistics for all types of messages you send to your users through our platform. These statistics include detailed data on the performance of your campaigns, such as:

  • Detailed statistics for each element of customer journeys you create, as well as the overall journey statistics

  • Pushes sent, delivered, and opened for each segment, app, campaign, and the whole account

  • App installs, opens, and uninstalls for each app and platform

  • Devices registered and unregistered for each app and platform

  • Subscribers' number dynamics for each app and platform

  • Send, delivery, open, and click-through rates for each email message

  • In-app impressions and interactions, as well as the number of times the in-app was skipped

  • Conversion rates and revenue generated by Events

For more information about the data Pushwoosh collects, read this post

What reports and dashboards does Pushwoosh provide?

Pushwoosh provides comprehensive statistics on the performance of your applications and communications on various channels. You can access the following reports and dashboards:

Can I monitor the performance of my campaigns in real time?

Yes, Pushwoosh Customer Journey allows you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time, directly on the journey canvas. Learn more

Is it possible to track the performance of each message in my customer journeys?

Yes, you can directly access detailed statistics for each message within a campaign on the journey canvas, along with a clear overview of the overall performance of the entire campaign. Learn more about push notifications, in-app and email statistics.

How will statistics change after I edit an active journey?

When you edit and relaunch the journey, statistics keep being collected. Any new data is added to the data collected before the edits. To see how your journey performs before and after the edits, just switch between different time periods in the Customer Journey statistics panel. Learn more

But remember, deleting a journey element means losing all its associated statistics permanently. If you need this data, save it before deleting.

How can I track the overall performance of my application?

You can easily do this with the pre-built Application Dashboard. To access the dashboard, navigate to Statistics > Dashboards > Application. The dashboard is designed to help you monitor your app's performance and provides charts displaying key metrics. Learn more

How can I track my campaigns' performance on specific channels (Push notification / Email / In-app campaigns) and by Events?

You have pre-built dashboards for:

Can I create custom dashboards that align with my business goals?

With the Pushwoosh dashboard builder, you can create custom dashboards that include metrics relevant to your analytics goals. Learn more

How often does Pushwoosh update statistics?

Pushwoosh updates statistics in near real time, providing you with up-to-date analytics for your campaigns, including push notifications, emails, and other messaging channels shortly after interactions.

Is there an API method for retrieving statistics for the messages I’ve sent?

Pushwoosh offers several API methods for retrieving statistics for the messages you've sent. You can use Pushwoosh API to access various statistics related to your message campaigns, including

For more API methods for retrieving statistics, check Pushwoosh API Reference.

Can I export Pushwoosh statistics for further analysis or reporting?

Yes, you have the option to download the data in CSV format.

Can I get a daily email with statistics on my app?

Absolutely! To receive emails with daily stats, navigate to My Account > Profile Details > Edit Profile and select the Sign up for daily application reports option. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking Save.

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