Mobile Message Inbox

Set up Message Inbox and save push messages directly to your app

Message Inbox lets you keep the most important messages in your app by creating a dedicated section for such notifications. Messages can be delivered to the Inbox with a notification or without one—you can choose it in the settings.

Read more about how Message Inbox works.

To implement Message Inbox for web platforms, please refer to Web Message Inbox guide.

Setting up the inbox in your app

To implement Message Inbox in your app, add Pushwoosh Inbox library to your project. Please see our Github repos with the detailed instructions on setting up the Inbox and the sample projects:



Cross-platform frameworks

To implement Message Inbox in cross-platform apps, call the presentInboxUI method. Currently available on Cordova, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin.

Using Message Inbox in plugins with proguard

If your Android app uses proguard for code shrinking, you have to add the following rule to your

-keep public class com.pushwoosh.inbox.PushwooshInboxPlugin {

Unread Messages Badge

To display the number of unread messages on a badge over an Inbox icon, please use the following API methods:


[PWInbox unreadMessagesCountWithCompletion:^(NSInteger count, NSError *error) { }];


PushwooshInbox.unreadMessagesCount(result -> { });

Choosing which messages to save to Inbox

Any push notification can be saved to Inbox. You choose which one to save while crafting your push notification preset. Please follow the guide to create your push notification.

Go to the Pushwoosh Control Panel > Preset > Action tab and scroll down to the Save to Inbox toggle. Toggle it ON.

Read more about creating push Presets >

You can specify the number of days your message will stay in users’ Inbox. For example, as long as your summer discount lasts.

Messages can be kept in Inbox for up to 30 days. Message will be removed from Inbox at 00:00:01 UTC on the date specified, so the previous date is the last day a user can see the message in their Inbox.

Message Icon URL is required to display a logo, icon or another image. You will see an image preview on the right when you enter your image link.

Optionally, specify Platform settings before saving your push.

Scroll down to click the Save Preset button. Now your push notification is ready to be sent and saved to Inbox.

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