Mobile Message Inbox

Set up Message Inbox and save push messages directly to your app

Custom Plan feature

Message Inbox is available for Marketing and Custom Plan subscriptions. For more details, please contact our Sales team.
Message Inbox lets you keep the most important promotional messages in your app, giving your users time to think about your special offer. It's a great boost to the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns, since customers can return to your offer at any time they want.

See It In Action!

Check out Message Inbox in seconds! To make this powerful tool easy to try out, we've implemented it in our Push On app. Get it on App Store or Google Play!

Web Message Inbox

To implement Message Inbox for web platforms, please refer to Web Message Inbox guide.

1. Set up the inbox in your app

To implement Message Inbox in your app, add Pushwoosh Inbox library to your project. Please see our Github repos with the detailed instructions on setting up the Inbox and the sample projects:
Cross-platform frameworks
To implement Message Inbox in cross-platform apps, call the presentInboxUI method. Currently available on Cordova, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin.

Using Message Inbox in plugins with proguard

If your Android app uses proguard for code shrinking, you have to add the following rule to your
-keep public class com.pushwoosh.inbox.PushwooshInboxPlugin {

Unread Messages Badge

To display the number of unread messages on a badge over an Inbox icon, please use the following API methods:
[PWInbox unreadMessagesCountWithCompletion:^(NSInteger count, NSError *error) { }];
PushwooshInbox.unreadMessagesCount(result -> { });

2. Mark the message to be saved in Inbox

Message Inbox is available for Geozones and CSV Push messages.
2.1. Go to your app's page in the Pushwoosh Control Panel. 2.2. After you've specified the message of your push, click on the Action tab. To keep the message in your app, toggle Save to Inbox.
2.3. Fill in the Inbox-related fields: when to remove the message from the Inbox and the image to be shown near the message.

Removal date

We recommend to keep your promotional messages in Inbox while they're relevant. Make sure your customers remember about your special offer while it's still valid and remove the message afterwards.
Messages can be kept in Inbox for up to 30 days.
Message will be removed from Inbox at 00:00:01 UTC of the date specified, so the previous date is the last day a user can see the message in their Inbox.
2.4. Click Woosh, and this push will be stored in your app.

Customizing Inbox

You can customize the inbox to match your app's look, changing such parameters as font, background color, etc. Please see the details on Github: iOS, Android.
To save messages to Inbox via API, use "inbox_date" or "inbox_image" parameters of the /createMessage request. The message is saved to Inbox when at least one of these parameters is specified.

3. Gather Statistics

Message Inbox helps you increase push open rates: even if your user missed your push, they may open it later from Inbox. Our SDK will count it as a push open in Statistics. To provide you with clearer statistics, we count only the first push open, no matter if it was from Inbox or not.

Conversion Tracking

We advise using Conversion Tracking with Inbox messages to know which of your push messages give the best results.
That's it!