Message History

Review your push notifications and emails from the last month to analyze their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Pushwoosh provides a convenient way to monitor your past push notifications and emails for the last 31 days. This helps you analyze the performance of your push notifications and emails and identify areas for improvement.

To access Message history, go to Statistics → Message History.

Use the search bar to filter messages by campaign name, text, notification ID, or notification code. You can enter the full value or a part of it. Sort the list by Recipients, Opened, CTR, Errors, or Sent Date to identify top performers and address issues.

Use Advanced Filters to specify platforms, message source or type, creation and sending dates, segments, and campaigns.

If you want to verify that messages are successfully sent via API, enable API messaging tracing. Аll API pushes sent to less than 10 devices will be recorded and stored in the Message History (by default, such messages are not stored). Learn more about API messaging tracing

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