Subscription Prompt

Encourage website visitors to subscribe to push notifications using the Subscription Prompt widget

About Subscription Prompt widgets

Due to the latest Chrome and Firefox updates, the autoSubscribe WebSDK method no longer triggers the native permission request pop-up.

  • In the latest versions of Firefox, the browser shows the quiet permission prompt whenever a website prompts for permission, no initial user action on the page required (like clicking on a button).

  • In Chrome, quieter notification prompts will be enabled first for users who, in most cases, block notification opt-in requests and second, on sites with low opt-in rates.

To prevent the high rate of blocking push notifications on your website, we no longer call the native prompt by autoSubscribe.

To continue subscribing users to web push notifications, use the Subscription Prompt widgets triggering the native permission request.

  1. Use the autoSubscribe:true parameter while initializing WebSDK.

  2. Then, customize the widget in your Control Panel and publish it — users will see the widget once your site is loaded and can agree or disagree to opt-in. If they do agree, the native prompt will be displayed.

There are two options available:

  • Default widget simply triggering the native subscription prompt;

  • Custom widget allowing you to create unique user experience fully fitting your website.

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