Amazon Integration
How to integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your Amazon project
To integrate Pushwoosh push notifications into your Amazon application follow these simple steps:
1. Check out the Android integration guide
For a pre-release or “debug” version of your app, create an API Key and store it as the only data in a file named api_key.txt . Place the file in the assets folder of your project. Note: ADM cannot recognize your API Key if it contains any spaces or line breaks. For a release or “production” version of your app, you may not need to create an API Key. You will need an additional API Key for the release version of your app if you sign it using your own certificate. Otherwise, if you allow Amazon to sign your app on your behalf, you do not need to create an additional API Key.
3. Add com.pushwoosh:pushwoosh-amazon library to your application
implementation 'com.pushwoosh:pushwoosh-amazon:+'
That’s it!
Last modified 1yr ago
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