Push notifications

Learn how to maximize your campaigns with push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful communication tool because they deliver instant, personalized messages directly to users' devices, attracting their attention and inviting real-time interaction.

You can use push notifications independently or combined with other channels like emails, in-app messages, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Pushwoosh simplifies your workflow by allowing you to create personalized push notifications and schedule automated campaigns from a single, user-friendly interface called Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder. This eliminates the need to switch between different tools or tabs, saving you time and effort.

How to use push notifications with Pushwoosh

Here are a few examples of how you can use push notifications in your campaigns.

Boost sales and conversions

  • Send personalized push notifications to users based on their product views or purchase behavior, offering tailored product recommendations, promotions, or discounts to encourage immediate purchases.

  • Implement abandoned cart reminders to re-engage users who have left items in their shopping carts, nudging them to complete their purchase and increasing conversion rates.

Increase user engagement and retention

  • Craft relevant and timely notifications that inform users about new features, content updates, or personalized recommendations based on their preferences.

  • Leverage the power of gamification through push notifications. Send notifications about user achievements, personalized challenges, or exciting rewards to motivate continued app usage and build a sense of community. This approach can keep users actively involved and invested in your platform.

Strengthen brand loyalty and connection

  • Share informative and engaging content beyond promotions. Offer industry news, helpful tips, or educational content related to your products or services. This positions your brand as a reliable source of information, fostering trust.

  • Make users feel special by celebrating milestones and occasions with personalized push notifications. Birthdays, anniversaries, or exclusive offers can all be delivered through push messages, fostering brand loyalty.

Getting started with push notifications using Pushwoosh

Here's a step-by-step guide to begin sending impactful push notifications with Pushwoosh

  1. Integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your app or site

  2. Start subscribing users to push notifications

  3. Learn about different notification types and how to send them:

  1. Understand how to enable iOS Live Activities to display real-time data on iPhone or iPad Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, allowing users to view live information and perform quick actions.

  2. Discover how to personalize your messages using custom data.

  3. Learn how to integrate deep links into your push notifications, sending users directly to relevant sections of your app.

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