iOS Certificate-based Configuration

This guide addresses the manual iOS configuration process in Pushwoosh Control Panel
After you have integrated Pushwoosh iOS SDK into your project, you need to configure pushes on Apple side. Follow the guide to configure iOS manually or click the link below to use our Auto Configuration feature!
Make sure you've create a Distribution Provisioning Profile for your app to submit it to the App Store. Learn more about provisioning profiles here.

Generating a certificate request file

  1. 1.
    Launch Keychain Access, go to Certificate Assistant and click Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority:
2. Enter the required information and choose Saved to disk. You should leave the CA email field blank. Click Continue and Save the certificate request using the suggested name.

Configuring your App ID in Apple Developer Portal

3. Sign into the Apple Developer Portal and open Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in the Account tab. There, click Add.
4. Choose the type of certificate you need and click Continue in the bottom of the page.
You can select the "Sandbox&Production" certificate type shown on the screenshot below, and choose the appropriate gateway when configuring the iOS platform in Pushwoosh Control Panel. However, you still can create a Sandbox certificate separately from the Production one.
5. Select the App ID of your project on the next page. Then, click Continue.
Skip the About Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR): you've done it earlier.
6. Choose the Certificate Signing Request you created previously.
7. Download the certificate and add it to the Keychain Access. Once you click on the certificate, Keychain Access will be launched.

Exporting your Private Key

In Keychain Access, right-click the certificate you just added and choose Export.
Save the Personal Information Exchange (.p12) file. You will be prompted to set up a password

Private Key Password

Make sure to remember the Private Key Password, you will need it later.
After you type in your password, click "Allow" to finish exporting the Private Key.

Configuring your app in Pushwoosh Control Panel

In Pushwoosh Control Panel, choose your app and click on platforms.
Click Configure in the iOS row.
In the opened form, choose manual configuration mode:
To configure iOS platform automatically, refer to the Auto Configuration guide.
Fill in the following fields:
  • Push Certificate (.p12)
  • Private key password
  • Framework
  • Gateway
The Certificate file (.cer) field is optional and can be empty.
Click Save. All done!