Integrate Pushwoosh SDK

How to integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your app, website, or cross-platform project

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Share these docs with your developers if you're not sure you're able to integrate the SDK by yourself.

Pushwoosh SDK, being integrated into your mobile app or website, enables all the functionality Pushwoosh provides for your project: registering users, tracking their behavior, sending messages, gathering stats, etc.

Once integrated, Pushwoosh SDK starts collecting data about your users and their interactions with the app or website — to enable this, set up Events (see the Events guide).

Every user and device with your app installed can be tagged — see the Tags and Segments guide to learn more. Users' tags are applied for segmentation purposes letting you send entirely relevant messages based on what users do and who they are.

The SDK provides sending messages to your audience and tracks all your marketing activities, including the number of push and email subscribers, messages you send and their efficiency metrics, variety of users and their data, etc.

To integrate the SDK into your app or site, follow the how-to guides:

If your project is built with a cross-platform framework, choose an appropriate SDK from the list available:

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