Messaging statistics

Estimate the efficiency of your campaigns with detailed statistics

Pushwoosh provides an in-depth analysis of your campaigns, allowing you to gain insights into individual message performance and overall channel effectiveness. This means you can:

  • Track individual messages and see how each push notification, in-app message, and email within a campaign performs.

  • Understand overall trends in channel performance and gain insights into how different channels resonate with your audience. By comparing the effectiveness of push notifications, in-app messages, and emails, you can identify the best channels for your app and campaign goals.

Imagine you're running a multichannel campaign to guide new users seamlessly toward premium app features. For this, in your customer journey, you include the following messages:

  • An email that welcomes users and introduces your app's key features and subscription benefits.

  • A push notification to remind them of the premium upgrade benefits and nudge them to complete the subscription process for exclusive content.

  • An in-app message to offer a discount or bonus to users who engaged with your push notification but haven't subscribed yet.

Pushwoosh allows you to track the performance of each of these messages directly from the journey canvas.

And if you aim to assess the overall performance trends of each messaging channel, Pushwoosh offers a simple solution: Dashboards. They provide an overview of each channel’s performance and allow you to see which messaging formats and campaigns resonate with your audience more.

Using data on specific messages’ performance and overall trends for each channel, you can optimize your omnichannel engagement strategy and boost campaigns’ effectiveness.

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