Release Notes

Keep up with the latest updates in Pushwoosh

May 2023

May 24 | Project Overview: Recipients by Platform

You can now sort the Message History list by Recipients, Opened, CTR, and Errors metrics. This lets you quickly find messages that perform best or require your attention.

May 23 | Project Overview: Recipients by Platform

We added the Recipients by Platform graph to the Project Overview section. It will give you a clearer view of how recipients are distributed across selected platforms.

April 2023

Apr 27 | Time Delay: setting specific dates and days of the week

We have improved the Time Delay element in Customer Journey Builder: now you can set the specific date and time to continue the journey. You can also select a particular day of the week. Use this option to quickly set up one-time campaigns for specific dates without manually calculating the time delay.

Apr 21 | User Explorer update

The Messages History tab in User Explorer has been renamed to Received Messages.‌

Apr 21 | SMS in Customer Journey

You can now add the SMS channel in the Customer Journey Builder. To use this feature, please contact our Sales team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Apr 18 | Message History update

We have updated the Message History section: search and filters are now more user-friendly, and the table contains more information about each message.
The Debug Mode option has been renamed to API messaging tracing.

Apr 18 | Segment filters by event attributes

In the Segments (Filters) section, you can now build a segment based on a specific attribute of the selected event.

Apr 13 | RFM Segmentation without the Monetary attribute

In the RFM Segmentation section, you can now build a behavior-based segment without the Monetary attribute. To do this, select "none" as a value of the Monetary attribute, and the segment will be calculated based on Recency and Frequency only.

Apr 13 | Drop Offs statistics in Customer Journey

Now you can see detailed statistics on Drop Offs in the Customer Journey: the reasons for drop-offs and the number of drop-offs for each cause. This will help you identify and fix problems at each point of the Journey. The feature is available to all Customer Journey Builder users.

Apr 11 | Average CTR in the Journeys list

You can now view the Average CTR for each Journey in the Journeys list.

Apr 7 | New SMS channel

We've added the SMS channel to Pushwoosh: now you can set up sending SMS using the Pushwoosh API. Use SMS to contact customers who are not reachable via other channels, send transactional notifications, and make marketing offers.