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How to integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your Titanium project

Supports iOS, Android

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To integrate Pushwoosh into your Appcelerator Titanium application, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the Push Notifications Module and put it in your Modules folder.

2. Enable this module in tiapp.xml as per Appcelerator guide.

3. Configure your project in Firebase Console:

4. Locate the google-services.json file to the app/platform/android folder in your project directory.


You should've gotten the google-services.json file while creating the app in Firebase console. If you haven't, please consult this thread (section Get a config file for your Android app).

5. Initialize module and register for push notifications:

var pushwoosh = require('com.pushwoosh.module');

pushwoosh.onPushReceived(function(e) {
	var message = e.message;
  // shows a push is received. Implement passive reaction to a push, such as UI update or data download.

pushwoosh.onPushOpened(function(e) {
  var message = e.message;
  // shows a user tapped the notification. Implement user interaction, such as showing push details.

    "application" : "ENTER_PUSHWOOSH_APPID_HERE",
    "gcm_project" : "ENTER_FCM_SENDER_ID_HERE"

  function(e) {
        var pushToken = e.registrationId;
        // handle successful push registration here
    function(e) {
        var errorMessage = e.error;
        // handle push registration error here

Since iOS manages push notifications at the OS level, make sure to include the Pushwoosh Notification Service Extension to track the delivery of push notifications for your iOS app. Learn how to add it

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