Get started with your project

Get started with Pushwoosh by creating and setting up your first project

Introductory video

Let our Customer Success Team guide you through the onboarding process in Pushwoosh: from setting up projects to sending your first communications.

Or, scroll down to find relevant posts in our documentation and accomplish all the required steps.

How-to guides

Once you are ready to integrate Pushwoosh into your production app or website, follow the how-to guides listed below to create and configure your first Pushwoosh project:

1. Create a project. Usually, one project is enough to work with one app on multiple platforms. If you have several different apps, you can create a separate project for each app.

2. Connect messaging services: configure your project with cloud messaging services credentials or verify your email and domain.

3. Integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your app or site.

4. Start subscribing users to push notifications and emails.

5. Test your integration to check if everything works right.

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