Calculating Segment Size

Learn how to calculate the segment size before sending out your push campaigns

Watch this video from our Customer Success team to learn how to work with Segments in Pushwoosh.

How to calculate the segment size

When planning your next targeted campaign, you may want to get an estimate of how many devices receive your push or see your in-app. Pushwoosh makes it easy to calculate the segment size and see how many devices are reachable by pushes and in-apps.

For example, your campaign should target all users from Germany who opened the app at least once in the last week. To get the precise number of devices that meet these criteria, you need to create and save a Segment first:

Once the Segment is created, click on its name in the Segments list:

Click on the Re-calculate button at the upper right corner:

Pushwoosh will calculate how many devices meet the conditions of this Segment and display the result as two metrics:

  • Reachable by Push: devices with push notifications enabled, including those that can only receive silent pushes. These devices are also available for displaying in-apps.

  • Reachable by In-App: all devices that meet the Segment conditions, including those with push notifications disabled. You can show in-apps on all these devices, while some of them may be unavailable for push notifications.

You can also see the total number of devices in the Segment Size column of the Segments list:

You can always re-calculate the audience size again. To do this, click Re-calculate on the particular Segment page or Refresh Segment Size in the Segments list:

By clicking Refresh & Export to CSV, you'll get a link to download the CSV file with all the users included in the segment. The CSV file contains information about each user and Tag values, if there are any.

You can use CSV files to send targeted pushes and emails (see Import Emails guide), and to analyze audience segments to improve your data-driven campaigns.

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