How to set up integration with WordPress


Make sure to integrate the Pushwoosh SDK into your web project in order to send pushes.

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With Push notifications plugin for WordPress, you can send push notifications when you publish or update a post or a page.


  1. The Pushwoosh plugin is available from the WordPress plugin repository. In the Admin panel, in the left menu, click Plugins -> Add New, and search by keyword “Pushwoosh”.

2. You can also manually install the plugin by downloading the plugin here. Once downloaded, unzip and move to your WordPress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins by default).


  1. Once the plugin is installed, click into the plugin settings.

  2. Fill out the appropriate fields:

    1. API token: Your API key, available in Pushwoosh under Settings -> API access.

    2. Application code: The application to send pushes (find the application code in your Pushwoosh account).

    3. Chrome Icon (optional): A URL to a custom image to be sent with the push for Chrome pushes.

    4. Chrome/Safari Title (optional): If your pushes will have the same title for each push, you can enter the title here. You will have the option to edit your title before sending out a message.

    5. Safari Action Button (optional): For Safari pushes, enter the wording to use for an action button on the push.


Make sure you specified the push title in the “Safari Title” field, otherwise your Safari subscribers won't receive the notification. The plugin automatically uses a shortened URL in the ?p=12345 format instead of a placeholder you set in Safari Configuration section in Pushwoosh. Thus, in Safari settings, specify the URL Template and placeholder as http://youwebsite.com/%@, so that the resulting URL will be http://youwebsite.com/?p=12345


You don't need to have a Premium account. You can use Pushwoosh Wordpress plugin with any type of account (subscription).

You are all set!

Using the plugin

When drafting a post in WordPress, a new section will display in the post options called “Pushwoosh notification”. With this field, you can draft the push message you wish to send to your users when you publish or update your post.

You can optionally send a push to a segment of users by specifying its name. The segment must be configured in the Pushwoosh.

Recipients will receive a push with your text, with a web link to your post when they tap on the notification.

Special thanks to Rafael Fischmann for his help with testing and debugging the plugin.

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