Recurring push

The flow is the same for mobile and web push notification campaigns.

This flow shows how to send the same push notification repeatedly at a selected interval (once a day, once a week, at a custom interval, etc.) or on selected dates.

Once you've created a basic push flow, you can set up your recurring push.

In the Audience-based Entry element, drag the Scheduled Launch slider:

Select the delivery time and the timezone:

In the Launch period field, select the interval at which you want to send your recurring push notification: every day/week/month, custom period, or dates specified:

For the ‘Custom Period’ option, you can specify any desired interval, for example, every 3 days:

Also for ‘Custom Period’, you can set a weekly interval and indicate the required days of the week:

Or you can set a monthly interval and indicate the dates of the months:

In case you want your push notifications to repeat on specific dates without them recurring every month, use the 'Dates specified' option:

Once the intervals or dates for your recurring pushes are set, click Apply.

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