Journey statistics

Empower your Pushwoosh campaigns with Customer Journey insights
Find out how your Customer Journey performs at a glance! The Journey canvas provides a clear overview of your entire campaign, including detailed stats for each element. This allows you to track the success of each step and see how your entire journey performs, uncovering valuable insights to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.
You can access journey performance data in two locations:
Overall Customer Journey statistics section
In this section, located on the left side of the Customer Journey canvas, you can discover key metrics that reveal how your audience engages with your journey and ultimately reaches its conversion goals.
Directly on the canvas, you can view statistics for each element of the journey, which allows you to assess their individual performance.
Pushwoosh Customer Journey statistics

Overall Journey statistics

The Overall Journey statistics section provides a comprehensive overview of the entire journey's performance. It offers insights into user behavior, the effectiveness of messages included, and the percentage of goals achieved.

Selecting a time period

By default, the Overall Journey statistics are displayed for the entire period since the Journey launch. To analyze data for a specific timeframe, expand the Time period dropdown menu and choose from predefined options such as today, yesterday, this week, this month, or last 30 days. Alternatively, you can set a custom date range by specifying the desired start and end dates.

Understanding key metrics in the Overall Journey statistics

In the Overall Journey statistics section, you can see the following metrics:


Campaign reach
Shows the number of users who entered the journey (counted as non-unique users' entries).
Unique users
Represents the number of unique users who entered the journey.
Inside the Journey
Shows the number of users currently progressing through the journey (i.e., those who have not reached the Exit element yet)
Reflects the number of users removed from the journey due to various issues, such as being unregistered from the app or not meeting Time Delay conditions based on user tags or behavior. Learn more


Total sent
Displays the total number of messages sent within the journey.
Average CTR
Indicates the average CTR for all messages sent within the journey.
Also, here you can find a breakdown of messaging statistics by channel.


You can view statistics for all the goals set for the journey or a breakdown for each specific goal.
To get a more detailed breakdown of the statistics, click Show Details. You will see Conversion Goals and Communications stats for each goal and message included in the journey.
Detailed Overall customer journey statistics

Statistics for each Journey element

To display metrics for each journey element on the canvas, toggle on Show Metrics at the bottom of the canvas. Alternatively, you can hover over the element to view the metrics.

Audience progress

Pushwoosh allows you to keep track of your audience as they progress through the journey with real-time visualization on the canvas. A number on the arrow following each journey element indicates the total number of customers who have completed that particular step.

Statistics for each communication point

You can gain insights into the performance of each communication point through metrics such as:
Push notifications and email messages
Goals reached
Indicates the number of users who reached the Conversion Goal at that specific point.
Displays the number of messages opened by users.
Represents the percentage of users who clicked on the message.
Represents the number of messages that couldn't be sent for some reason (for example, if a user push token had expired)
For deeper insights into individual message effectiveness, double-click on a message element on the canvas. A detailed statistics window will pop up, displaying key metrics for the message such as:
  • number of sent messages
  • number of opened messages
  • conversion rate
  • number of entries
  • number of drop-offs,
  • number of clicks, etc.
To see the reasons for drop-offs and the number of drop-offs for each cause, expand the Drop-off block.
To access even more comprehensive statistics for a message, click Full Statistics at the bottom of the window.


Goals reached
Indicates the number of users who reached the Conversion Goal at that specific point.
Represents the number of messages that couldn't be sent for some reason (for example, if a user push token had expired)
For a more detailed understanding of your in-app message's performance, double-click on the message element and then, in the window that appears, click on the Rich media name. This will open up comprehensive message statistics.


Goals reached
Indicates the number of users who reached the Conversion Goal at that specific point.
Indicates the number of messages sent

A/B/n test statistics

If you conduct A/B/n tests on different elements of your customer journey, you can quickly identify the best-performing variant of each element.

API endpoint for getting Journey stats

Obtains stats for a specific journey by its ID. You can find the journey ID in the URL of the journey canvas page:
Journey ID
Authorize by API access token and send an empty request to the endpoint.
Request example
curl --location --request GET '<journey_id>/statistics/external' \
--header 'Authorization: Api <YOUR API TOKEN>'
Response example
"payload": {
"title": "Journey Title",
"points": [
"pointTitle": "First Point Title",
"campaignCode": "AAAAA-00000",
"presetCode": "12345-67890",
"pointStat": {
"sent": 22648,
"opened": 60,
"uniqOpened": 60,
"conversion": 0.26492405510420347