One-time email

This guide addresses sending one-time emails with Pushwoosh
To learn about email messaging automation, please refer to the Autoemails and Customer Journey Builder guides.


Email messaging is a highly effective digital marketing channel since almost everyone has an email account and use it in their everyday life. Having an incredible ROI, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. Accelerate your business growth by building tailored email marketing campaigns combined with push notifications and other outreach channels.
Drive sales and increase key business metrics, accompany transactions and provide customers with all important information, establish highly personalized relationships with every single user – all these goals are easy to achieve with email messaging!
Follow the steps below to communicate with your customers through the broadest channel ever.
Commercial email messages must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. You need to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act if the primary purpose of your email is commercial. A primary purpose is thought to be commercial when your email message contains primarily commercial content. Transactional or other non-commercial emails may not contain false or misleading information, but don’t fall under the CAN-SPAM Act regulations.
In order to make your emails conforming to the CAN-SPAM Act, Pushwoosh requires the following information: Company Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country. This information must be included in each email you send, normally in the footer area, under the CAN-SPAM Act regulations.

Email Templates

To send an email, you need to prepare an email template first. You can either upload .zip archive containing HTML template or construct a template using the block-based editor.

Pushwoosh Control Panel

To send a one-time email, go to a project-> Email-> One-time email.
1. Creative Add a subject of your email and select a template from the list.
2. Audience To send an email to all the emails registered for the app, choose an all users option.
Please be aware that the "all users" option will send the message to all the email addresses registered for the app, including those who followed the Unsubscribe link.
To email only users who haven't unsubscribed, create a Segment with the Unsubscribed Emails: False tag value and send messages to that segment.
To target email on specific audience segment, choose a segment option and select a Filter to apply.
To send your message to a custom recipients list, choose a list of addresses option and specify email addresses in the type-in field. To specify a recipient, enter an email address and press the spacebar. Specify as many email addresses as needed.
Please note all the email addresses should be valid.
3. Schedule Choose the time your email will be sent on: immediately or later, at specified date and time.
4. Confirm Check settings one more time and click Woosh to send the email.

Pushwoosh API

To send an email via the Pushwoosh API, call the createEmailMessage method.

Bulk Emails

Please note that each recipient email address should be valid. Even if the only one of recipient email addresses is invalid, it might result in rejection of the whole delivery and increase in hard bounce rate. A recipient email address is the one specified in any destination field (To, Cc, Bcc).
To help you avoid a significant increase in hard bounce rate and spam filtering, Pushwoosh does not send out bulk emails. When you target some audience segment (or the overall audience), we will send a separate message to each recipient in this segment. However, each email address you are sending to still should be valid. Otherwise, it may affect the deliverability of your email message and result in sending suspension.

Routing Information

Unsubscription header

We always add List-Unsubscribe: header to an email message to manage customer subscription status, and also to avoid receiving complaints or marking an email address, server, or domain as a spamming one.

Sending suspension

Pushwoosh always dedicates clean and trusted IP addresses for you, but in some cases, we would suspend your email delivery:
If complaint rate exceeds the acceptable level, we will stop sending messages from your account and suggest that you should check email contents and template. Note: complaint rate should always remain below 0.1% of emails sent.
If hard bounce rate exceeds the acceptable level, we will stop sending messages from your account and check your email database manually. Note: bounce rate should always remain below 5% of emails sent.