Pushwoosh SDK Samples for iOS

This Article describes how to run a sample project on iOS

With Pushwoosh ready-made samples for iOS, you can try out the Pushwoosh functionality with no need to integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your project or take a look at how Pushwoosh iOS SDK is implemented in our sample projects.

Run sample project

To start with a sample project:

  1. Clone and open the quickstart projects directory.

  2. Choose a project you'd like to explore:

Each project contains Objective-C and Swift.

3. Open project and go to the "Signing & Capabilities" tab.

4. Enter your own Bundle Identifier and Provisioning Profile.

5. Go to Info.plist and enter your Pushwoosh APP ID.

6. Run the sample project.

Configure iOS project in Pushwoosh

To start exploring Pushwoosh with a sample project, you'll need to configure iOS project in Pushwoosh Control Panel. Refer to the guide for details:

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