WhatsApp Messages

Include WhatsApp in your omnichannel customer communication

WhatsApp is the ultimate channel to communicate with customers when they ignore other channels, such as push notifications, in-app messages, or emails.


Using Pushwoosh, you can send your customers different types of messages in WhatsApp:

Transactional messages: reservation update, ticket update, appointment update, shipping update, etc.

Marketing messages: product recommendations, relevant offers, reminders, etc.

Verification messages: password reset, KYC, etc.

Service messages: questions to customer support, help, etc.

Benefits of sending WhatsApp messages through Pushwoosh

Segmentation for WhatsApp users

Benefit from Pushwoosh segmentation based on default tags and events available out-of-the-box or use custom data from any source custom tags and events (mobile app, your backend, marketing acquisition tools, or CDP). For example, send a sushi promotion to the user segment that has previously ordered Asian food.

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Omnichannel communication

Using Customer Journey Builder allows combining channels based on customer preferences.

If a user opened a push notification > then don’t send promotion via other channels

If a user didn’t open a push notification > send an email

If a user didn’t open an email > send a WhatsApp message

Similarly, you can leverage all other combinations of communication channels in your campaign.

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To integrate WhatsApp messages, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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