Send push to all user devices

Send targeted push messages to users across their multiple devices

This method allows you to send targeted push notifications to your users across their multiple devices. Resulting push notifications will be delivered to all devices associated with a specified User ID.

More about User IDs.

Collecting User IDs

Call setUserId with the first app launch or in case your User ID has changed. User ID could be a user identifier that you keep in your own database.

(void)setUserId:(NSString *)userId

Login/Logout behavior

By default, when an app with Pushwoosh SDK is launched for the first time, it sets a device HWID as a UserID. You can call setUserId on a login to set any required value to associate a device with a particular user. When a user logs out, you can reset this value to a default one with another setUserId call, e.g. to an initial HWID value.

Sending a push to all user devices with Pushwoosh Journey

To send a push to all user devices, click on a push icon in your journey and scroll down Options. Toggle on Send to all devices (from User ID) and click Apply.

Sending a push by User ID via API

To send a push to a list of users, you can either use /createMessage API call, or upload a CSV file with the User ID's.


Please note that /createMessage parameters are fully customizable, so you can create a highly tailored push message.

Please note that the /createMessage parameters are fully customizable, so you can create a highly tailored push message.


	"request": {
		"application": "APPLICATION_CODE",
		"auth": "API_ACCESS_TOKEN",
		"notifications": [{
			"send_date": "now",
			"content": "Hello world!",


   "response": {
      "Messages":["{Notification code}"]





Your Pushwoosh application ID where you send the message to (cannot be used together with "applications_group")


API access token from the Pushwoosh control panel


Set the time you want the message to be sent (in UTC) or use 'now' to send it immediately.


The text for your push notification.


A list of User IDs your push message is sent to. You can send a push to a 1000 User IDs at once.

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