Purchases from iOS In-App Messages

How to implement in-app purchases from Rich Media displayed to iOS app users

To let your users make purchases right from the in-app messages displayed in your iOS app, you can implement the out-of-the-box solution for your Rich Medias and add callbacks to get more info about in-app purchases.

Available for the 6.4.5 iOS SDK version and further.

Rich Media JavaScript implementation

To implement in-app purchases in your Rich Medias, use a simple JavaScript function call:

pushwooshImpl.makePurchaseWithIdentifier("Premium"); // product identifier specified in your App Store product information

AppDelegate methods for callbacks

If you need callbacks to be executed on a purchase, implement the PWPurchaseDelegate protocol as follows:

1. Make your project’s AppDelegate conform to the PWPurchaseDelegate protocol:

@interface AppDelegate : PWAppDelegate <PushNotificationDelegate, PWPurchaseDelegate>

2. Implement methods of PWPurchaseDelegate in your AppDelegate:

#pragma mark - Purchase delegate methods
- (void) onPWInAppPurchaseHelperPaymentComplete:(NSString*) identifier {
    NSLog(@“Custom purchase delegate -- payment complete for identifier: %@“, identifier);
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperProducts:(NSArray<SKProduct *>* _Nullable)products {
    NSLog(@“Custom purchase delegate -- retrieved list of products”);
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperPaymentFailedProductIdentifier:(NSString* _Nullable)identifier error:(NSError* _Nullable)error {
    NSLog(@“Custom purchase delegate -- payment failed with identifier %@ and error %@“, identifier, error.description);

List of available PWPurchaseDelegate methods

List of products

@protocol PWPurchaseDelegate <NSObject>
// Detailed information about list of products in your app 
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperProducts:(NSArray<SKProduct *>* _Nullable)products;

Successful transaction

@protocol PWPurchaseDelegate <NSObject>
// A successfully processed transaction 
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperPaymentComplete:(NSString* _Nullable)identifier;

Failed transaction

@protocol PWPurchaseDelegate <NSObject>
// A failed transaction 
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperPaymentFailedProductIdentifier:(NSString* _Nullable)identifier error:(NSError* _Nullable)error;
@protocol PWPurchaseDelegate <NSObject>
// An in-app purchase is initiated from the App Store, and the transaction continues in your app.
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperCallPromotedPurchase:(NSString* _Nullable)identifier;

Failed restoring completed transactions

@protocol PWPurchaseDelegate <NSObject>
// An error occurred while restoring transactions
-(void)onPWInAppPurchaseHelperRestoreCompletedTransactionsFailed:(NSError * _Nullable)error;

If your needs are not covered with the methods specified in this guide, please reach out to our Customer Support team, and we’ll be happy to provide you with further guidance.

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