Connect messaging services

Configure the platforms you are going to work with

  • To let Pushwoosh send messages to your app or website users, configure mobile or web platforms with your cloud messaging services credentials.

  • If you want to send emails to your customers, configure the email platform with your email address and domain name.

To start configuring a platform, go to the Configure Platforms section and click Configure next to the required platform:

Follow the configuration instructions for each platform.


iOS configuration

Android Firebase configuration

Huawei configuration

Connect your account to shorten links

Push payload size is limited, so the best practice is to shorten the links you use in your push notifications. Using your own account assures all your messages are shortened and sent properly as you control the shortener limits yourself.

To connect your account to Pushwoosh, click Edit application at the top right of the Configure platforms page and check the I want to add my account checkbox.


Chrome and Firefox configuration

Safari configuration

Windows configuration


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