Connect messaging services

To let Pushwoosh send messages to your app or website users, configure mobile or web platforms with your cloud messaging services credentials.
To start sending emails to your customers, configure the email platform with your email address and domain name.


Once you select the Mobile Push project to be created, specify the General settings:
  • enter project's Title (128 characters at maximum)
  • upload an Icon for your project (preferably not larger than 512x512 and 1MB)
I want to add my account
Push payload size is limited, so the best practice is to shorten links you use in your push notifications. Link shorteners have restrictions on a number of calls, so using your own account ensures your messages' delivery won't be affected with a large number of calls to from Pushwoosh.
Then, set up the SDK Settings: select the SDK type and specify the API access settings. You can change the access settings for each API token later.
Press Save to continue.
Then, press Configure for one of the mobile platforms and follow the guides:

iOS configuration

Android Firebase configuration

Huawei configuration


Select HTTPS or HTTP, enter site URL and name (the name will be displayed in the notification title). Upload an icon (preferably not larger than 512x512 and 1MB).
Follow our dedicated guides for:

Chrome and Firefox configuration

Safari configuration

Windows configuration


To configure an email project, verify your email address and domain by following the guide: