iOS Live Activities API

Manage iOS Live Activities via API


Use this method to manage iOS Live Activities.

Request example

"request": {
"application": "XXXXX-XXXXX", // Required. Pushwoosh application code
"auth": "yxoPUlwqm…………pIyEX4H", // Required. API access token from Pushwoosh Control Panel
"notifications": [
// message settings
"ios_live_activity": { // Required. Live Activity data to update Live Activity in iOS
"event": "update", // Required. Use "update" to update Live Activity or "end" to close Live Activity
"content-state": { // Required. Object with key-value pairs used to pass data to Live Activity for updating its content
"courierName": "NUMBER: 15",
"deliveryStatus": "Done"
"dismissal-date": 12345678 // Optional. Time of ending Live Activity in seconds
"devices": [ // Required. List of devices HWIDs to show Live Activity
Read this article to learn more about working with Live Activities using the Pushwoosh iOS SDK.