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Create and configure your first project in Pushwoosh

Watch this video where our dedicated Customer Success team will guide you through the onboarding process at Pushwoosh, from setting up projects to sending your first communications:

All marketing automation in Pushwoosh is conducted within projects. Usually, one project is enough to work with one app on multiple platforms. If you have several different apps, you can create a separate project for each app.

You already have a project pre-created for your account — the one called Pushwoosh Demo App. Using it, you can try out Pushwoosh functionality with no coding and any additional efforts, just having the Pushwoosh test app installed or the test website opened in your browser. To learn more about our test app and website, read the following article:

Creating the first project automatically

To create your very first project, click Get started on the welcome screen:

A project called My project will be automatically created. If you want to change its name and other settings, go to the project settings.

Creating a new project if you already have other projects

If you have already created projects before, to create a new one, go to the Projects section and press Create project:

Name your new project and select its start configuration: Mobile push, Web push, or Email. The start configuration only affects which platform will be configured first. You can configure several platforms within one project. For example, if you select Mobile push for start configuration, you can also set up Web and Email platforms at any time.

You can upload your own icon that will be displayed next to the app name in push notifications. To do this, click Browse icon and upload the image (preferably not larger than 512x512 and 1MB):

Mobile configuration

Before you get started, you need to configure each platform you want to work with. In the Configure Platforms section, click Configure next to the required platform:

Follow the configuration instructions for each platform:

Web configuration

Configure web platforms using these instructions:

Email configuration

Configure the email project by following this guide:

Project settings

To access project settings, go to the Configure Platforms section and click Edit application:

If you want to change the icon displayed next to the app name in push notifications, press the Browse button and upload the image (preferably not larger than 512x512 and 1MB):

By checking the I want to add my account checkbox, you authorize Pushwoosh to shorten links you send in your messages with your own Using your own account assures all your messages are shortened and sent properly as you control the shortener limits by yourself.

Daily Application Performance Emails are sent for the apps with 50 subscribers or more. Reports will be sent to the email address you used to sign up. You can also specify an additional email. You will be able to unsubscribe from these reports at any time.

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