Create your project

Watch this video where our dedicated Customer Success team will guide you through the onboarding process at Pushwoosh, from setting up projects to sending your first communications:
All marketing automation in Pushwoosh is conducted within projects. You already have a project pre-created for your account — the one called Pushwoosh Demo App. Using it, you can try out Pushwoosh functionality with no coding and any additional efforts, just having the app installed or the website opened in your browser.
To start using Pushwoosh with your own sandbox or production project, go to the Applications section of your Control Panel and press Add new.
Select a project type: Mobile Push, Web Push, or Email. Each of these project types has its own purposes and capabilities; each project is configured with platform-specific credentials and is used for communications through a particular channel.
Be aware that a project of a particular type is configured for mobile, web, or email only. To perform cross-platform communications within a single project, press Create a multi-platform project.

Mobile project

Here, enter the title of your app. It’ll be shown in your Control Panel and displayed as a default push title you’re able to customize while sending push notifications.
You can choose an icon to be displayed next to the app name in that app’s push notifications – press the Browse button and upload the image.
Select the SDK used in your mobile project.
By checking the I want to add my account checkbox, you authorize Pushwoosh to shorten links you send in your messages with your own Using your own account assures all your messages are shortened and sent properly as you control the shortener limits by yourself.
Daily App Performance Reports are sent for the apps with 5o subscribers or more. You can unsubscribe from reports at any time.
Press Save application, then go to configuring platforms.

Web project

Select HTTPS or HTTP depending on the protocol you use, enter the name and URL of your site. The site name will be displayed in the title of your notification by default. Also, you can add the icon here.
Press Create, then configure the web project by following the guide. To configure Safari, see the Safari configuration how-to.

Email project

Enter the project name, upload an icon, and press Create. You'll be taken to the configuration page; configure the email project by verifying your domain and address. See the guide for details.