What is Pushwoosh?

Reach your customers on their favorite mobile & web channels with Pushwoosh, a comprehensive platform for omnichannel communication.

Pushwoosh is an omnichannel customer engagement platform trusted by a diverse clientele of over 80,000 businesses spanning various industries.

Pushwoosh empowers you to create, manage, analyze, and optimize omnichannel campaigns on the single, intuitive canvas of Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder. With this one tool, you can focus on building impactful journeys that engage your audience on selected channels, without the hassle of switching between tabs and platforms.

Pushwoosh key features

Multichannel messaging

Reach your audience across multiple channels, all from one screen! Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder allows you to send:

Omnichannel campaigns

Effortlessly combine messaging channels to craft a multi-layered, personalized experience tailored to each recipient.

Audience segmentation

Segment your audience based on their profiles, preferences, and behavior to send highly targeted messages.


Customize messages with user-specific details to increase relevance and engagement.

Analytics and reporting

Gain valuable insights into campaign performance with detailed analytics and reporting.

Experimenting and testing

Optimize your messaging strategy by conducting A/B/n tests to determine the most effective messages and delivery times.

Automated communication

Build automated, omnichannel customer journeys to engage users effectively and enhance their experience.

Data security

Prioritize data security to ensure the safety and privacy of user information.

Powerful integrations

Seamlessly integrate with various platforms and services to gain deeper insights about your customers and drive better results.

Flexible pricing

Choose from flexible pricing options that suit your budget and goals.

Lightening-fast customer support

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is always available to help you whenever you need it.

Who can benefit from Pushwoosh?

Pushwoosh is an omnichannel customer engagement platform built to empower businesses across diverse industries, especially those owning mobile apps or planning to create one. However, even if a business does not have an app, it can still benefit from Pushwoosh by using web pushes, emails, WhatsApp, and advanced segmentation features.

Here are some examples of how Pushwoosh can benefit businesses in different sectors:


Drive targeted promotions, boost conversions, and keep customers coming back for more with personalized push notifications, in-app messages, and emails.


Re-engage players, announce updates and create exciting in-game events through tailored notifications and interactive messaging experiences.

Mobility and delivery services

Improve delivery efficiency, keep customers informed, and personalize the delivery journey with timely updates and targeted offers.

Fintech and banking

Deliver timely financial updates, and promote new services through reliable and personalized messaging.


Track deliveries, inform customers about their shipment status, and improve logistics efficiency with real-time updates and targeted notifications.

Lifestyle apps

Motivate users, deliver personalized recommendations, and boost engagement with interactive messages and targeted campaigns that cater to their individual needs.

Learning and education

Send personalized notifications for course updates, content delivery, quiz reminders, and progress to enhance learner engagement and boost course completion rates.


Notify users of matches, chat messages, profile updates, event invitations, and other relevant interactions.

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