Email content

Learn how to effortlessly manage and reuse email content with Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh stores your past email content, allowing you to easily edit and reuse existing materials for future campaigns.

To view your email content, navigate to Content > Email Content. Here, you'll find all the email content you've created, conveniently organized for easy access.

Pushwoosh keeps your email content application-specific, making it well-organized and simple to manage.

You have the flexibility to view your email content in two ways: as tiles or as a list. Simply select the preferred option at the top of the content list.

Here, you can also edit, clone, delete email content, send an email or create new email content.

Also, you have the option to search for specific emails or filter your content based on the labels you've assigned. To do this, simply click on Labels at the top of the content list and select a label from the drop-down menu.

How to reuse previously created email content

To streamline your workflow, leverage your existing email content in new campaigns. For this, simply choose the desired email content from the dropdown menu when creating an email element in the customer journey. Learn more

Your previously created email templates are now in the read-only mode, but you can still access them in the Email templates section for reference.

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