Push AI Composer

Leverage the power of AI for creating unique content for your messages

Creating engaging content for your push notifications might be time- and effort-consuming – there are plenty of questions to answer before writing copy:

  • What words are the most compelling?

  • How do you catch the recipient’s' attention at a glance?

  • How do you get the meaning across with a very few characters?

  • What tone of voice works best?

  • Where do you get inspiration at the end of the day you spent writing dozens of pushes?

That's where Pushwoosh AI Content Composer comes in handy, serving as your free and sophisticated artificial intelligence copywriter. AI Composer generates engaging, high-quality copy for any topic, using any keywords you specify.

Why use Pushwoosh AI Composer

  • Creative and catchy push notifications for any occasion with no effort.

  • Diversify content for pushes you send regularly.

  • Variety of same-topic messages for running A/B/n tests.

  • Great inspiration for your own copywriting.

How to generate push content with AI Composer

It's just as simple as it seems: you enter your keywords, and AI Composer writes the rest!

To generate a message, when creating push content, press AI Composer at the bottom of the message field. Enter your keywords separated by commas, then press Generate Content, and voilà – a push notification containing your keywords is ready.

To use the generated content in your messages, copy it to your clipboard and paste it wherever you need.

Add a personal touch with Dynamic Content based on what you know about your customers.

Content variants

AI Composer can generate two content variants at a time, both based on your topic or keywords, making it far easier to run A/B experiments.

To get two versions of push copy at a time, add a full stop or parentheses after the last keyword and type ‘2 variants’ or “two variants”. AI Composer will suggest two options for the same message expressed in different wordings.

Moreover, you can generate as many content variants as you need for the same keywords – just press the button once again to compose more messages. They will appear on a refreshed screen.

Tone of voice

To adjust the tone of voice of your customer communications, let AI Composer know what you need: use phrases like ‘make it funnier’ / ‘make it formal’ / ‘use no emoji’. Try out every requirement to find the best-fitting tone!

Best practices: How to write good push notifications with Pushwoosh AI Composer

Here are just a few examples of how to write perfect push notifications for any use case with AI Composer:

Promotions and special events

Every promo campaign is unique, and AI Composer knows it. Generate content for any occasion in a couple of clicks, using promo-related keywords, for example:

  • Promo code, LUCK, 5% – for special promo offer;

  • Winter, coats, 20% – for seasonal sale;

  • Halloween, event, skins – for in-app events.

Engaging users with new products and announcements

No update will go unnoticed with timely announcements! Check out what AI Composer can offer here: type in the name of your app’s new feature, keywords about promoted functionality, or target actions you want your customers to take.

  • New maps, racing game, tournament

  • New feature, habit tracker

Onboarding and activation campaigns

Leverage artificial intelligence for onboarding your newly gained users: use the keywords like 'welcome', 'try it out', 'get started', etc. to encourage newcomers to explore your app.

  • Welcome, meditation

  • Subscribe to push notifications

  • First three workouts

AI Composer is available to all Pushwoosh customers out-of-the-box.

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