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Use the ready-made subscription widget to grow your audience easily

The default subscription widget is aimed to encourage your website visitors to subscribe to push notifications. Being shown to users due to your website's logic, the widget gently prompts website visitors to allow receiving push notifications from you, thus creating a long-time relationships with prospects and customers.

Use the default widget to:

  • grow your audience: describe the benefits of receiving web push notifications to encourage existing customers to subscribe.

  • cut spends on integration: the default widget works out-of-the-box and needs almost no coding to be integrated into your website.

How it works

Default widget contains the plain text explaining the value of push notifications and two buttons to agree or disagree on receiving pushes. Once a user presses the Confirmation button, the native subscription prompt is triggered.

Frequency capping

If a user clicks "Deny" or ignores the default widget, our SDK will show the default widget again in 4 hours after.

The widget is capped to 3 total impressions. If a user denies three times in a row, they will not see the widget anymore and should change their opt-in preferences manually from browser settings.

How to implement


To implement the widget on your website, integrate the WebSDK 3.0 following the guide, then set up the widget.


Make sure to use the autoSubscribe:true parameter while initializing the WebSDK.

Creating a default widget

To set up the default subscription widget, go to the Subscription prompt section of your Control Panel and check the corresponding checkbox.

Then, customize the widget to contain the most explanatory and convincing text, clear CTA buttons, and colors fitting your website styles.

To save changes, press Save on the bottom of the page. Then, press Publish on the top of the page to start showing the widget to website visitors.

If you'd like to remove the widget from your site, select the My custom widget option and press Publish.

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