Email statistics

View statistics for each email message and all sent emails


Pushwoosh uses service email headers (sometimes called X-headers) to track email delivery, complaints, bounces, and analytics for troubleshooting purposes. These headers cannot be stripped out of your email messages on demand. However, some email clients may strip out X-headers of your message.

Message stats

To check statistics of a particular email message, go to the Statistics page and press the Statistics and Details option of the three-dot menu next to the message.
Only recent messages are shown here. To get more or filter emails only, press Detailed History.
Statistics of a particular email message includes the following rates:
1. Sent — the number of emails sent to recipients.
2. Delivered — the number of emails delivered to recipients. Emails can be not delivered because of bounces, so we recommend adding to your mailing list only existing and valid email addresses explicitly given their consent to receive emails from you.
3. Opened — the number of emails opened by recipients. Consider adding catchy and explanatory subject lines to your emails to improve their open rates.
4. Unsubscribed — the number of recipients followed the Unsubscribe link in that email. Such users are tagged with the "True" value of the Unsubscribed Emails default tag.
To email only users who are subscribed (haven't ever followed the Unsubscribe link), create a Filter with the Unsubscribed Emails: False tag value and send messages to that segment.
5. Hard bounced — the number of emails not delivered because of hard bounces. Hard bounce occurs when a email message cannot be delivered permanently because the address you're sending to does not exist or is invalid.
If hard bounce rate exceeds the acceptable level, we will stop sending messages from your account and check your email database. Bounce rate should always remain below 5% of emails sent.
To avoid exceeding bounce rate limit, use the /getBouncedEmails API method to receive the list of bounced email addresses, and remove such addresses from your mailing list.
6. Soft bounces — temporary delivery failures occurring, for example, when a recipient's mailbox is full or some network problems affect delivery. Pushwoosh repeats sending soft-bounced emails several times. If the email still cannot be delivered, then sending to this email address stops.
7. Complaint — the number of users who reported your message as spam, notified their email provider about their complaint to your email, or complained some other way which is recognised by email providers and email clients as a reason for restricting your messaging capabilities.
If complaint rate exceeds the acceptable level, we will stop sending messages from your account and suggest that you should check email contents and template. Note: complaint rate should always remain below 0.1% of emails sent.
8. Link tracking — the number of unique clicks and conversion rate for each link included.
Please note that each unique URL is tracked as one link even if it's linked to several text parts, buttons, or images. Consider using UTM parameters to track clicks on the same link separately.


To get email stats via API, call the /getMsgStats method using the message code of the email you've sent.

App stats

To gather email stats for a particular app, we recommend use that app for email messaging only. Check out the Application stats guide to learn more.

Account stats

To get the total number of emails sent last month and current month, go to the My Account-> Workspace details section of your Control Panel.