Message Inbox

Reach out to users even if they opt out of push notifications

Message Inbox creates a special space for important messages in your app. Users are not notified and do not see badges next to the app icon, although messages get delivered and displayed in the app once users open it.

With Message Inbox, you can deliver important messages to a wider audience.


Message Inbox lets you deliver the most important messages in your app even when push notifications canโ€™t be delivered:

  1. When users opt out of notifications (it works similarly to Silent push notifications).

  2. Messages are displayed in the Inbox inside the app when users open the app.

Message Inbox also serves to extend the time when users can engage with your push notification. Messages saved in the Inbox donโ€™t disappear when users swipe off push notifications on the lock screen โ€” they stay visible the next time users are back to your app.

This helps to increase conversions, besides broadening the reach.


Message Inbox implementation requires the development team's involvement.

Message Inbox can be implemented into mobile and web applications. Please follow the dedicated guides:

Mobile Message Inbox >

Web Message Inbox >

Message Inbox can be implemented with a default design or fully customized to your app's UI.

Customized iOS UI guide >

Customized iOS XCFramework guide >

Customized Android UI guide >

This is an example of what the Message Inbox design can look like:


Open rate statistics for the Message Inbox are available in your Pushwoosh Account and in the Pushwoosh API.

You can also use the Pushwoosh API to receive data on messages from Message Inbox only.

Please use the command /getMessageLog > field: message_id + action: "inbox_opened"

Follow the Pushwoosh Statistics API guide >

In your account, you can see the number of times your communication was opened from the Message Inbox. To see the statistics, go to Statistics > Channels > Push Statistics.

Mobile Message Inbox

Web Message Inbox

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