Huawei for Outsystems
How to set up Huawei for your Outsystems project

1. Set up the Outsystems plugin

Set up the Outsystems plugin for your project following the steps described in the guide:

2. Get a Huawei configuration file

2.1. Go to AppGallery Connect -> Projects List and select a project to configure.
2.2. Press agconnect-services.json in the App information section to download a configuration file.
2.3. Create a zip file containing the agconnect-services.json in the root. Upload the "" to your OutSystems application's data resources and make sure to:
  • Set the "Name" as ""
  • Set "Deploy to Target Directory" as "agconnect-services"

3. Generate a signing certificate fingerprint

Follow Generating a Signing Certificate Fingerprint to generate a signing certificate fingerprint.

4. Configure Huawei platform

Refer to the Huawei platform Configuration for step-by-step guide on how to configure Huawei platform in Pushwoosh.

5. Enable Huawei for your project

Add the EnableHuaweiPushNotifications action prior to RegisterDevice.
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