Journey editing

Both draft and active journeys can be edited. You may need to update journey elements in the following cases:

  • Test the effectiveness of your communications;

  • Adjust a journey to some special events and changing conditions;

  • Edit occasional errors.

Editing a draft journey

To edit an element of a journey that has not yet been launched, simply double-click on it. You can learn more about setting up each element in the journey elements article.

If you need to delete an element of a draft journey, select this element and click on the trash icon:

Editing an active journey

To edit an active journey, you first need to pause it. Open the menu on the left panel and click Pause and edit campaign:

Please note that while a journey is paused, no new users will enter it. Also, after pausing a journey, some users who have already entered it may be lost. Here are a few cases when this may happen:

  • You set a Time Delay before sending a message. A user has reached this point just before the journey is paused. If the sending time passes while the journey is paused, this user will drop off.

  • The journey contains the Wait for Trigger element. A user has reached this point but has not triggered the specified event yet. This user will be lost if the event waiting period is over while the journey is paused.

  • You split the flow depending on whether the message is opened. A user has received the message just before you pause the journey. This user will drop off if the wait time is over before re-launching the journey.

After pausing the journey, you can modify and delete its elements just like in the draft journey.

If you change the content of a push, in-app, email, or SMS, all users will receive the new content version after re-launching the journey.

If you delete an element, do not forget to connect the remaining elements to each other or to the new element if you add one:

After deleting an element, all statistics on it will be lost. If you need these statistics, we recommend saving them somewhere before editing journey.

You can view the editing history by clicking on the hourglass icon:

If you have finished editing and are ready to enable the journey, click Re-launch campaign at the top right:

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