Amplitude integration

Supercharge your Pushwoosh Campaigns with Amplitude Integration

Amplitude, a robust product analytics platform, empowers businesses to understand user behavior in real-time, track in-product interactions, and gain valuable insights into user engagement, retention, and revenue.

Integrating Amplitude with Pushwoosh allows you to personalize Pushwoosh campaigns with Amplitude data, trigger automated campaigns based on user actions, analyze performance for continuous improvement, and ultimately drive enhanced engagement, reduced churn, and increased revenue.

Use cases

Below are several examples of leveraging the power of two platforms:

Personalized push notifications

By sending user behavior data from Amplitude to Pushwoosh, you can create tailored push notification campaigns based on specific user actions or preferences. For instance, you can automatically send personalized push notifications with an exclusive "secret beach getaway" deal to users who consistently search for beachfront getaways and have booked stays before.

User retention campaigns

Analyze user behavior in Amplitude (e.g., inactivity for 30 days) to identify at-risk groups. Create corresponding segments and set up automated triggers in Pushwoosh. When a user enters the "At-Risk" segment, they'll receive a personalized push notification with exclusive discounts, feature reminders, or tailored offers – automatically re-engaging them before they drift away.

Behavioral triggered messages

Leverage the integration to set up behavioral triggers in Pushwoosh using events tracked in Amplitude. For example, in a mobile game app, you can use Amplitude to track when users reach significant milestones or achievements. Pushwoosh can be set up to automatically send congratulatory messages when users reach these milestones, creating a positive user experience and fostering engagement.

In-App messaging

Using data from Amplitude, you can create highly targeted in-app messages based on user behavior and preferences. Suppose you run an e-commerce app that sells a variety of products. If a user has shown a consistent interest in electronics and has added several electronics items to their wishlist, you can use Pushwoosh to trigger an in-app message offering an exclusive discount on electronics or informing them about the latest electronic arrivals.

Setting up the integration


  • Amplitude Account: This integration is only available for customers who have paid plans with Amplitude.

  • Pushwoosh Account

  • Pushwoosh API Key: To enable data transmission to Pushwoosh, you need to generate an API Access token. To get it, go to Settings > API Access and copy it there.

  • Pushwoosh App Code: Similarly, you'll need to locate your App Code to facilitate data transfer to Pushwoosh. To do so, find the project name in the top left corner and copy the code displayed below it.

Sending Cohorts to Pushwoosh

Configuring Amplitude for integration

To configure Amplitude for integration, follow these steps:

  1. In your Amplitude Data, go to the Catalog and select Destinations.

  2. Under the Cohort section, locate and click on Pushwoosh.

  1. Click Add another destination.

  1. Provide a name and paste the API key you copied from Pushwoosh.

  1. Map the Amplitude User ID field to the Pushwoosh User ID field.

  2. Save your settings when you're done.

Sending a cohort

To synchronize your first cohort, complete the following steps:

  1. In Amplitude, open the cohort you wish to synchronize, then click on Sync.

  1. Choose Pushwoosh and select the account you want to synchronize with. Then, click Next.

  1. Decide on the synchronization cadence and save your configurations.

Sending events

  1. In Amplitude, go to Data Destinations and find Pushwoosh - Event Stream.

  1. Enter a sync name and then click Create Sync.

  1. Change the Status from Disabled to Enabled and paste your Pushwoosh API Access Token and App Code.

  1. From the left dropdown, select the Amplitude user property that corresponds to your Pushwoosh UserID.

  2. (Optional) Enable the Create & Update users toggle if you want to send users and their properties in real-time whenever Amplitude creates or updates a user property.

  1. Enable Send Events ("Events are sent to Pushwoosh") if you want to stream events to Pushwoosh. This will automatically forward events to Pushwoosh as they are ingested in Amplitude. Events aren't sent on a schedule or on demand using this integration.

  1. Then, choose which events you want to send in the Select and Filter Events section. Only select the events you need in Pushwoosh; transformed events are not supported.

  2. Once done, enable the destination and click Save.

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