Customizing Pushwoosh React Native Plugin

Customize the Pushwoosh React Native plugin to avoid conflicts when working with other FCM services

Using Pushwoosh plugin with other FCM services

If your app uses other plugins that rely on firebase-messaging, it might result in conflicts, or in one of the plugins not working as expected. To resolve this conflict, you can add a custom FirebaseMessagingService class that will route push notifications between the plugins. Pushwoosh React Native plugin contains a template of this class which you can use as is to force all notifications go through Pushwoosh handlers, or modify it to handle notifications from other providers as well. To enable the template, uncomment the following lines in the plugin's AndroidManifest.xml:

    <service android:name="com.pushwoosh.reactnativeplugin.CustomFirebaseMessagingService" android:exported="false">
            <action android:name=""/>

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