3rd-party integrations

Explore all available integrations in Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh offers seamless integration options with a variety of partner services to enhance your campaigns, including:

  • customer data

  • marketing and product analytics

  • in-app purchases

  • marketing automation

To explore all available integrations in Pushwoosh, navigate to Settings > 3rd-party integrations.

To learn how to set up an integration, click on Setup Guide.

To begin the setup process, click on Login page, which will redirect you to the third-party service login page.

Pushwoosh integrations overview

Customer data platform and data streaming

Utilize these services to personalize and improve Pushwoosh campaigns with detailed customer data.

Marketing analytics/MMP

Leverage these integrations to measure and refine the impact of your marketing efforts, ensuring every campaign launched in Pushwoosh is data-backed.

Product analytics

Incorporate user interaction data from these services to segment and personalize Pushwoosh campaigns.

In-app purchases

Analyze your app's in-app purchase data and leverage these insights in Pushwoosh to craft targeted messages that boost your app's revenue.


Monitor crashes, diagnose issues, and target notifications only to users affected by specific problems.

CMS/Low-code platforms

Leverage Pushwoosh functionality within OutSystems low-code development platform.

Marketing automation

Streamline your marketing with automation and integrate Pushwoosh Web Push Notifications into Marketo campaigns for enhanced engagement.

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