iOS Rich Notifications Integration

Attach images, gifs, and videos to your push notifications

Starting with iOS 10, you can attach a static or animated image or even a video to push notifications. It will be displayed right in the notification when the user force-taps it.

Here's an example. iOS rich notifications is action!

Enabling this functionality is very simple, with very little coding involved. Let's do it!

1. Creating Notification Service Extension

First create a Notification Service Extension. This extension downloads the content that will be shown to the user.

Add new target to your project (File -> New -> Target) and create Notification Service Extension.

Make sure you embed your new extension in your app!

Notification Service Extension has a separate Apple App ID and Provisioning profile!

Note that notification extension has its own Bundle Id (ex:com.pushwoosh.pushon.NotificationService) as well as its own Apple App ID and Provisioning profile which must be setup in Apple Developer Portal separately


Make sure Notification Service Extension supports Standard architectures (armv7, arm64) (${ExtensionTarget} -> Build Settings -> Architectures).

2. Notification Service Extension Code

The code is available in our Samples at GitHub: Objective-C, Swift

Just Copy & Paste it to your extension. The code downloads the attachment and calls the notification content handler.

3. Allowing non-secure attachment URL's

Notification Service Extension is a separate binary and has its own Info.plist file. Starting with iOS9 release to download the content from non-https URL (ex: http://) you have to add App Transport Security Settings with Allow Arbitrary Loads flag set to YES to extension's Info.plist file.

4. Sending Rich Notification

In order to send a rich notification just specify the file's URL in the "iOS10+ Media attachment" field

Woosh! Force-tap the notification and you are all done!

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