What can I do with Pushwoosh?

Discover the various ways you can use Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh is an omnichannel customer engagement platform featuring solutions for messaging, audience segmentation, analytics, and optimization. Pushwoosh offers an intuitive canvas called Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder that allows you to create, manage, analyze, and optimize your campaigns across different channels, all from a single screen.

With Pushwoosh, you can:

Connect with your audience on their preferred channels

Pushwoosh provides a variety of messaging channels to help you connect with your audience wherever they are, including:

Manage omnichannel campaigns with ease

Pushwoosh enables you to create omnichannel campaigns that seamlessly reach your customers across different channels. This helps you create a cohesive user experience, increase revenue, boost customer retention, and deliver your brand message effectively.

Imagine you have an upcoming sale and plan an omnichannel campaign to promote it. Here are a few options of how you can execute it with Pushwoosh Journey:

1. Segment your audience to include users who have previously shown interest in your product.

2. Announce the upcoming sale with a push notification sent to all app users.

3. Trigger in-app messages for users who are actively browsing your app: guide them to a purchase with a sale offer.

4. Send SMS reminders to users who opted in for text notifications as the sale date approaches.

6. After the sale, send a thank-you email with a special discount code for future purchases.

Unlock precise targeting with Pushwoosh segmentation

Effectively target and engage your audience with Pushwoosh's robust segmentation capabilities:

Personalize your communication with customers

Make your communication more personal and human with Pushwoosh:

  • Utilize the Customer Journey Builder to design and automate personalized customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

  • Craft personalized campaigns using dynamic content, automatically adjusting the message based on data you collect about your users. Address them by name, mention their favorite products, or tailor offers to their interests, making each message a unique and personal interaction.

Enhance your campaigns by making data-driven decisions

Access detailed analytics and reports within Pushwoosh to track campaign performance, measure user engagement, and empower your messaging strategy with data-driven insights.

Experiment and fine-tune your campaigns

Conduct A/B/n tests to experiment with your campaigns and identify what resonates best with your audience.

  • Compare two or multiple variations of a push notification to determine which one gets the highest response from the audience.

  • Extend your testing to in-app messages, SMS, and emails to gauge and optimize the performance of diverse communication channels and boost user engagement and campaign success.

  • Test multiple elements of customer journeys to identify the most effective combination for your messaging strategy.

Prioritize data security and privacy compliance

Pushwoosh places a high emphasis on data security, ensuring your customer data remains safe and compliant with privacy regulations. So, you can trust that your customer data is in safe hands.

Realizing business goals with Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh provides businesses with a robust toolkit to reach their business goals and achieve success and empowers you to:

Maximize revenue and conversions

Offer users personalized incentives to boost sales, enhance conversion rates through targeted segments, or increase the number of delivery orders by sending targeted promotions — all contributing to significant revenue growth.

Boost customer engagement

Leverage Pushwoosh to foster stronger customer relationships by delivering timely and relevant information, including order updates, personalized recommendations, and exclusive offers.

Increase user retention

With Pushwoosh, you can boost user retention by sending personalized and well-timed messages through various communication channels.

Reduce churn rates

Minimize churn risks by sending relevant content and exclusive deals. Encourage inactive users to re-engage with your app or website using tailored content and promotions through Pushwoosh.

Enhance customer satisfaction and improve your product offering

Utilize Pushwoosh to gather valuable customer feedback via surveys and polls sent through push notifications. Analyze this data to identify areas for improvement, personalize your offerings, and demonstrate your dedication to meeting customer needs.

Improve user experience with guided onboarding

Turn new users into engaged customers with Pushwoosh. Deliver personalized push notifications that educate users about your product's features and benefits, maximizing their early engagement and satisfaction.

Industry-specific examples: How to use Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh is a versatile platform that caters to various industries, offering businesses innovative ways to connect with their audience, boost engagement, and drive success. Below, we'll explore some industry-specific examples of how businesses can harness the power of Pushwoosh to achieve their objectives.


Abandoned cart recovery

Use Pushwoosh to send automated reminders to users who abandoned their shopping carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases with personalized offers.

Flash sales and discounts

Promote flash sales, exclusive discounts, and limited-time offers, driving immediate sales and revenue growth.


In-game events

Leverage Pushwoosh to inform players about in-game events, special challenges, and rewards, enhancing player engagement and retention.

Updates and patch notes

Send push notifications with game updates, patch notes, and bug fixes to keep players informed and engaged, leading to a better gaming experience.


Personalized Content Recommendations

Use push notifications or in-app messages to suggest personalized content based on users' viewing habits, preferences, or past interactions with the app.

Feedback Collection

Use in-apps to collect user feedback on the quality of content recommendations and overall satisfaction.

Subscription-based apps

Subscription renewal reminders

Send push notifications to remind users of upcoming renewals or offer exclusive incentives to encourage them to extend their subscriptions.

Personalized content recommendations

Analyze user behavior to deliver tailored content suggestions, boosting user satisfaction and retention.

Mobile and delivery

Real-time tracking

Utilize Pushwoosh to provide real-time order tracking and delivery updates, enhancing the customer experience.

Promotions and discounts

Send promotions to app users who order frequently or during peak hours. Retain these high-value customers and boost revenue.

Fintech and banking

Personalized financial insights

Provide personalized financial insights and investment tips based on user profiles and transaction history, fostering customer loyalty.


Special offers and destination insights

Use Pushwoosh to send personalized promotions and destination insights, enhancing the overall travel experience and driving bookings.


Announcements and course updates

Leverage Pushwoosh to deliver important announcements, course updates, and assignment reminders to students, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with their studies.

Personalized learning recommendations

Recommend personalized learning paths, course materials, and resources based on individual student progress, enhancing the overall learning experience and retention rates.

These examples showcase just a glimpse of Pushwoosh's potential across diverse industries. Explore our documentation and discover how you can tailor the platform to unlock success in your sector.

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