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Native BlackBerry 5-7 integration Guide

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To integrate Pushwoosh Push Notifications SDK into your BlackBerry application do the following steps:

1. Register for Blackberry Push Notifications here:

Enter: as a serverUrl of the evaluation server in your client app (no slash at the end!)
In Pushwoosh app configuration enter:

2. Inherit your application from PushUIApplication

public class SampleUIApplication extends PushUIApplication

3. Pass the following parameters to the superclass constructor:

protected SampleUIApplication()
            Keys.BLACKBERRY_PUSH_PORT, Keys.PUSH_WOOSH_APPLICATION_ID, "widdle_icon.png", "uiicon.png", "uaiconAlert.png",
  • Keys.BLACKBERRY_PUSH_APPLICATION_ID – BlackBerry Application ID
  • Keys.BLACKBERRY_PUSH_URL – Blackberry Push Notification URL you received after registration
  • Keys.BLACKBERRY_PUSH_PORT – Blackberry Push Notification Port you received after registration
  • Keys.PUSH_WOOSH_APPLICATION_ID – Pushwoosh Application ID
  • “widdle_icon.png” – Indicator image (24×24 px). Appears when a push notification is received.
  • “uaicon.png” – Normal app icon (shown when the push notification has been read (57×57 px)
  • “uaiconAlert.png” – icon shown when a push has been received (57×57 px)
  • “/cash.mp3″ – incoming push notification chime

4. Implement the following function:

protected void handleNotification(final String notification)
    Runnable r = new Runnable()
        public void run()
            BBPushDialog uad = new BBPushDialog(notification);
            } catch (IllegalStateException e)
                // pass

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?

SDK comes with the full source and a Sample Blackberry push notifications app. See SDK for more details.
NOTE: Simulator (Ripple) can neither subscribe nor receive Blackberry push notifications.

Native BlackBerry SDK

Native BlackBerry 5-7 integration Guide