The Billing Page

Get a real-time overview of your Pushwoosh finances and manage payment methods effortlessly.
To access your financial information and payment methods, navigate to My Account > Billing
Navigating to the Billing Page
The Billing page offers a comprehensive overview of your finances and payment methods, including:
  • Plan details: Understand your current plan, upcoming monthly charges, and any potential charges for exceeding your plan limits. To access more specific details about your plan, including any additional channels or features, simply click Details.
  • Payment details: Manage billing information like addresses and payment methods.
  • Payment history: Access a detailed record of past payments and download invoices in PDF format.
The Billing Page Overview
Additionally, you can easily upgrade your plan by clicking Upgrade Plan directly on the Billing page.

How to manage your billing information

To manage your billing information, click Add Billing Info if you haven't yet or Manage Billing Info in the top right corner.
Managing Billing Info
In the billing information window, enter your billing details, including the billing company name, primary and secondary contact details, and postal address, and then click Save changes.
Editing or adding your billing information

How to manage payment details

To manage your payment details, navigate to the Payment Method section in the top right.
If you haven't added a payment method yet, click Add Payment Method. If you already have one, click Manage next to the current payment method.
Managing payment details
In the list of payment methods, you have the option to add a new method, set one as the primary, delete an existing method, or update any card details.