iOS PW Toasts

Send in-app toasts containing Rich Media to iOS users

Starting from Pushwoosh SDK version 6.4.12, you have the ability to send in-app toasts.

In-app toasts are a simple type of rich media.

For more information on Rich Media pages, please refer to our guide.

How does it work?

  1. Create your Rich Media.

  2. Open the file pushwoosh.json and add the key/value pair: "presentationStyleKey": ''centerbox"

We support three orientations: centerbox, topbanner, and bottombanner.

  1. Upload your rich media to the control panel.


How does it look?

By default, the top and bottom banners support swipe gestures. To close the top banner, swipe up, and to close the bottom banner, swipe down.

Additionally, you can close the in-app toast automatically after a specific period of time using the following method.

Set this method after Pushwoosh initialization

PWRichMediaManager.shared().closeToastView(after: 3.0)

That's it!

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