Increasing 3 day Retention

Improve user retention with simple-to-use segmentation and automation tools
It happens all the time. Users install your app, then they go dormant. They are distracted with something else, there are new apps to play or work with. As a result - your app is forgotten.
It's time to give the voice to your app and remind the user about app's existence with push notifications!
Let's remind the users who did not open your app in the last 3 days with a push notification. You can also do this for 7 days or any other time period.
For this guide we'll be using Autopushes feature.

Creating a retention push

Go to Project -> Push notification -> Recurring push section and click on "Add Autopush"
Enter the recurring push name and description. You can use either push preset or plain text message.
For our case with Pushwoosh Demo App we'll give user discount voucher for coming back to the app. Please note this preset also uses Dynamic Content to make push personal.

Choosing the audience

The next step is to determine the audience who will receive push notification. For this one we'll need "Last Application Open" tag which is default tag by Pushwoosh and it tracks when the app has been opened last time. For the operator we'll be using "exactly" and select "Days Ago" for the value and enter 3 to make it "exactly 3 days".

Defining the time and frequency

The last step is to select when to send push notification.
Let's set the "Frequency" to "Daily", and pick 1PM (around lunch time) as a time to send our message. Make sure to select "Timezone sensitive", so that each user receives this notification in their local timezone.
Save autopush and you're all set! Now after 3 days of not using your app user will receive a reminder prompting to come back to your app.