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To integrate Pushwoosh into your Unreal Engine project:

1. Download Pushwoosh Plugin and put it in your Plugins folder.

2. Enable Pushwoosh module in YourProjectName.uproject:

"Plugins": [
    "Name": "Pushwoosh",
    "Enabled": true

3. Add Pushwoosh module to the dependency list of you project:

PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "Pushwoosh" });

4. Recompile your project.

5. Specify Pushwoosh Application Id and GCM Project Number in Project Settings...-> Plugins -> Pushwoosh

6. Initialize Pushwoosh plugin and register for push notifications:

if (FPushwooshModule::IsAvailable())
		FPushwooshModule& pushwoosh = FPushwooshModule::Get();

7. (Optional) set push registration and push notification listeners before initializing plugin:

void YourComponent::InitPushwooshListeners()
	FPushwooshModule::PushRegistrationSucceeded.AddUObject(this, &YourComponent::PushRegistrationSucceeded_Handler);
	FPushwooshModule::PushRegistrationError.AddUObject(this, &YourComponent::PushRegistrationError_Handler);
	FPushwooshModule::PushAccepted.AddUObject(this, &YourComponent::PushAccepted_Handler);

void YourComponent::PushRegistrationSucceeded_Handler(FString token)
	// TODO: handle successful registration

void YourComponent::PushRegistrationError_Handler(FString error)
	// TODO: handle push registration error

void YourComponent::PushAccepted_Handler(FString data)
	// TODO: handle push open

8. For iOS add Push Notifications Capability to your project. This can be done by adding following key-value pair in Intermediate/ProjectFilesIOS/build/${YourProject}.build/${Configuration}-iphoneos/${YourProject}.build/${YourProject}.app.xcent:


9. For Android make sure Unreal Engine and Pushwoosh Plugin does not have conflicting libraries.