User Explorer collects and organizes customer data across a variety of touchpoints. It structures real-time data into centralized customer profiles, creating amazing opportunities for userbase segmentation and achieving different marketing goals. User Explorer allows building highly effective communication strategies, choosing the right channels and messages for your audience.

User Explorer allows you to view your user segments (i.e., Filters) with greater details than before, create new segments on-the-fly, and explore individual User Profiles. Each User Profile shows tags, active devices, installed apps, and user activity on a timeline, which includes recorded events, displayed in-apps, and messages (push & email) sent.

There are default tags, which are available out-of-the-box, so you don't have to set them manually. They include city & country, device model, language & many more.

Depending on your marketing goals, you can create custom tags and segment your users by other criteria. Study your customers, analyze their behavior and achieve the highest marketing efficiency with Pushwoosh User Explorer!

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