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To play around with the Customer Journey automation tool and learn its core functionality with almost no efforts, use the Push On mobile app and website we developed especially for testing our products and services.

  1. Log into your Pushwoosh account.

  2. Go to the Customer Journey Builder section of the left menu.

  3. Create your very first customer journey using Events and Presets from Pushwoosh Demo App.

Let's say you have an online store, and you're going to convert your website visitors into buyers. A user comes to your website and adds some products to their shopping cart but doesn't complete the purchase for some reason. It's time to encourage them with a push notification offering a discount! If the user doesn't purchase after that — wait a little and follow up with an email to recover the abandoned cart. Your marketing goal in this case is a purchase successfully completed by the user.

To recover the abandoned shopping cart with a Customer Journey, you'll need the following:

  • PushOn app installed on your device or PushOn Online Store opened in your web browser,

  • ProductAdd and CheckoutSuccess events (they are available by default for Pushwoosh Demo App in your Pushwoosh account),

  • Push Presets (they are available by default for Pushwoosh Demo App in your Pushwoosh account).

Creating a journey

The Entry Event for the case described above is the ProductAdd event triggered when a user adds some item to their cart in Push On.

Then, set up the Delay after the ProductAdd event triggers.

Once the delay is over, send a push notification by adding the Send Push element to the journey.

Set up a Goal — the CheckoutSuccess event triggered once a user completes a purchase.

To check out how the journey ends when a Goal is reached, check the End journey on this event checkbox and add one more Send Push element.

End the journey with the Exit element.

Activate the journey.

Starting a journey

To check your journey by yourself (as a customer), use the Push On mobile app or website.

Open the Pushwoosh Demo App in your Pushwoosh Control Panel.

You will be redirected to PushOn Online Shop.

Make sure you're subscribed to push notifications.

Once the Delay you've set is over, you'll receive the push notification with a discount.

Start your Journey

To start a journey, click Add to cart next to any of the products — it will trigger the ProductAdd event. This event will activate the journey and you will receive the push notification from the journey you've previously created.

Complete the Journey

Open the cart to see the products you have added on the previous step.

By clicking on the Checkout button you will complete the transaction and trigger the CheckoutSuccess event. As it is a Goal for your journey and the journey ends on this target event triggering, you won't receive the remaining messages.

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