Try Pushwoosh out

Check out Pushwoosh services with a test app
Have you registered your Pushwoosh account but don’t know how to start your first project? Let us make it as smooth and quick as possible.
Our dedicated Customer Success team is here to guide you through the onboarding process at Pushwoosh, from integration to sending your first communications.


Good news: you don't need any coding to check out Pushwoosh services! We developed a test app to let you try out Pushwoosh functionality quickly and easily. Just get the Push On app on your phone or open the Push On website and send push messages, display in-app pages, test personalization and segmentation, etc.
First, log in to your Pushwoosh account and choose the platform you want to start with.
Platforms available: iOS, Android, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

Push On Mobile App

  1. 1.
    Push On App is available to download both on iOS and Android. Go to the Send Push section of your Pushwoosh Control Panel, click on the platform icon, and scan the QR code with your phone QR reader.
You can also find Push On app in App Store and Google Play.
2. Then, enter the Application Code in the app installed and tap Submit.
Application Code is a set of ten digits located under the app name. Go to the Applications section of your Control Panel and copy the Application Code of the Pushwoosh Demo App.
Also, you can find the Application Code in the top left of the page:
3. Enable push notifications.
4. Go back to the Pushwoosh Control Panel, and you will see the number of subscribers increased. If the number of subscribers is the same, refresh the page.

Push On Website

  1. 1.
    To try Pushwoosh functionality with the Push On website, go to and enter the Application Code from your Pushwoosh Control Panel.
2. Subscribe for push notifications.
3. Go back to the Pushwoosh Control Panel and refresh the page to assure the number of subscribers increased.
That's it! Let's start with sending your first push message.