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All the stats for each point of the journey and the journey as a whole is presented in the Customer Journey dashboard. Keep track of your journey's effectiveness and improve your campaigns based on accurate analytics!

We track the audience that passes through the journey, and it's displayed on the canvas. A counter on an arrow after each journey element represents the overall number of customers who have completed this step.

Each messaging element — Send Push or Send Email — has its own statistics. To see the number of messages sent, opened, and clicked, as well as the conversion rate for that message, hover the Send Push or Send Email element.

To see the detailed stats for each message sent within the journey, double-click the element and press Get detailed stats in the pop-up window opened.

You'll be redirected to the Customer Journey campaign stats in your Pushwoosh account. All journey elements are automatically linked to a corresponding campaign created in your Pushwoosh account specifically for that element and accessible only from your journey.

The detailed stats contains the number of messages sent and opened, including the CTR and open rate graph for the selected period. Here, you can see the total stats for the element or separate statistics for each platform involved.

For each activated journey, you'll see the total statistics on the bottom of the page. The stats is refreshed in a real-time mode.

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