The higher ratings your app has, the more revenue you get from it. Positive ratings boost your app to the top of search queries, making your app more discoverable to new customers. Users are likely to download apps with the highest ratings, which makes improving the app's ranking critically important for getting success.

Rate My App is a service to encourage users to leave their ratings when they are happy with your app. Smart but easy, behavior-based rating prompts are the shortest way to the top of the store’s rankings. Decide when your users are engaged enough, create convincing content, and let users share their experience with others on the App Store and Google Play.

How it works

Rate My App helps you drive the highest ratings and best reviews from loyal app users without causing frustration or interrupting their valuable user experience.

It analyzes your users' behavior and decides whether they can be included in the Loyal Segment. When a loyal user leaves the app, they receive a push notification that asks them to rate your app in the store.

This way, only those who enjoy your app will be asked to give a review. Precise user segmentation and behavioral analytics make collecting positive user feedback easier than ever!


To start collecting users' ratings, follow these five steps:

1. Create an app in the Rate My App dashboard.

2. Integrate the iOS or Android Pushwoosh SDK. The SDK enables behavior-based push notifications for your app and let you track users behavior to communicate with them most effectively.

3. Configure the iOS or Android platform for your app in the Rate My App dashboard. By configuring app’s platforms with your cloud messaging services’ credentials, you let Pushwoosh submit your push notifications to APNS and FCM to deliver them to app’s users.

4. Create message templates in the Rate My App dashboard. Write rating prompts in your company’s voice and tone to gently invite users to rate your app.

5. Create messages flow. Estimate when your users are happy with the app — how many times do they have to open the app and how many app’s screens visit to show they’re engaged.